Spray Foam Equipment from Graco and PMC.  Equipment troubleshooting, repairs and warranty work

Spray Foam Equipment

Air Equipment and Repair, Inc. has been an authorized distributor and warranty repair center for manufacturers in the spray foam equipment and plural component coatings equipment as Graco, PMC and Wiwa since the early 1980s.  In addition to selling top of the line electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic Spray Foam and polyurea proportioners, mechanical and air purge spray guns, and piston type and diaphragm supply pumps, Air Equipment and Repair also offers a wide variety of spray foam equipment training options.  From initial equipment start up, new employee training, and in house and on site classrooms, to over the phone troubleshooting, and warranty work.  Air Equipment and Repair is your best source for spray foam equipment, parts and lifetime service.

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Custom Spray Foam Rigs

At Air Equipment, we understand that your business is unique and needs spray foam equipment that fits your needs and no one elses.  All of our Spray Foam equipment packages are custom built to your specifications, ensuring you get what is right for you and your business.

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Spray Foam Equipment and spare parts from Graco and PMC. Spray guns, supply pumps and reactors.

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Spray Foam Equipment training, troubleshooting, and repair and warranty work.

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Technical Manuals

Spray Foam Equipment manuals for Fusion Air Purge guns, supply pumps, reactors, and more

Find the right parts and accessories with the technical manuals for Graco and PMC Spray Foam equipment.