Hear from spray foam contractors as well as factory reps from companies like Graco.
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AER Podcast

The AER Podcast is a series highlighting individuals in the finishing industry.  Hear from contractors in the Spray Foam, Painting and Sandblasting world, factory reps from companies like Graco, Carboline, PMC and hear about industry specials on the AER Podcast!

Episode 1

Episode 1 of the AER Podcast with Frank Peterson of SCP (Carboline)

Frank Peterson, Director of Sales for Specialty Coating Products.

Episode 2

Jay Council of Amtec Leasing on the AER Podcast

Jay Council with Amtec Equipment Leasing

Episode 3

Jeff Kidd of Pennington Associates on the AER Podcast

Jeff Kidd with Pennington Associates

Episode 4

The owners of M Tehnik on the AER Podcast

Will Stillwater and Alex Berry with M Technik

Episode 5

Clint Conlin of AHC Spray Solutions on the AER Podcats

Clint Conlin with AHC Spray Solutions

Episode 6

Mike Seggelink of Graco Spray Foam on the AER Podcast

Mike Seggelink with Graco

Episode 7

Calvin Ardies of Air Equipment on the AER Podcast

AER Service Tech Calvin Ardies

Episode 8

AER Podcast episode 8 with Matt Byrd of Specialty Coating Products

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